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INHOUSE Foreman/Drill Operator

Independent Contractor


Lake Wells/Davenport Florida


Immediately upon onboarding paper work


Negotiable/ Salary,Hourly,Daily W2 or 1099 whichever best fits you.


Must have working knowledge of vermeer equipment, able to run and direct a crew to be safe,professional and profitable. able to read and understand design prints,call in locates,maintain redline as builts for what's able to do and oversee preventive maintenance on our equipment, be mechanically inclined to perform minor and day to day repairs on equipment such as minor leaks,hose replacements a problem solver that will come to us with a recommended fix to a problem.

Other Requirements

Have a valid verifiable driver's license. be computer literate so that you can receive work,prints emails etc.... that will allow you to communicate with the office and customer electronically to turn in production and payroll for your willing to relocate to the area for this long term work.

Job Description

You will be running and overseeing the operation of your drill crew and assisting the project manager overseeing missile crews that will be working on the same projects your assigned,we are installing 11/4'' and 2'' conduits for fiber to the home projects.we are looking for someone willing to relocate to this area .we will provide 30 day hotel to make sure we are a good fit for each other and if we feel we are will assist you in moving and securing a home in the area. if you would like to discuss this opportunity please email me with your name and number and anything that will allow you to stand out above the rest of the candidates and I will give you a call for a phone interview or you may call me. our work week is mon thru sun and you get paid the following friday via direct deposit.


Unified Utility Services LLC

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About Us

We are a full service utility construction company providing both Aerial and UG construction.our home base is Ladson SC.

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