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Need installers in the Long Island area New York

Independent Contractor

New York

Long Island area


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Price residential install 1) Connect Standard$72.00 ( 2) Connect premium$97.00 (3) Service Visits $ 42.50 ( 4) Disconnects$8.00 5) Change of service $36.70( 6) Change of Service $30.00 (7) Not home visit$7.00( 8)Reconnect not home$16.75 (Outlet$16.75


MUST HAVE TRUCK AND TOOLS, 28 FT LADDER , TOOLS RG 6 stripper with RG 6 crimper. Meter , iPhone or a tablet Apple products only

Other Requirements

Must have some install experience

Job Description

Job entails take out your 28 foot ladder run a new drop from the tap to the ground block. And put on fittings on to the drop and connect the drop to the ground block. Make sure the house is bonded. Install cable boxes, Wi-Fi routers internet service and telephone service for our customers.


Must have truck and tools ,to do this project you can work 7 days a week. Start immediately contact Bob 954-675-7252.

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