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$130 Per Diem, total per week $3000+ on average

Independent Contractor


Truckee, Auburn, Eureak


As soon as you clear back ground


Piece Rate, techs currently being routed up to 14 jobs a day, great opportunity.


Proper truck/van , ladder rack, tools, docsys 3.o meter, all safety gear, hand tools, you must be a professional and ready to work.

Job Description

We are looking for Cable TV Installers who do not need their hand held and can go out and get the work done properly. We don't want to be chasing you down to go back and fix calls.. Looking for 1 tech out .

This is work with Suddenlink and if your sick of doing home certs, and failed self installs and having your rates dug into the ground with the other major players out there, its time to make a switch.

Plenty of good calls to keep you busy, average tech in theses areas are doing over $2200 a week plus perdiem of $780 ( based on 6 days , you can work 7 ) $3000 per week.

We are the Prime.


call 503-208-6989

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