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Sub Directional Drillers

Independent Contractor







must have qualified crews who can pot hole,drill and locate without hitting marled utilities

Other Requirements

do quality work on long term job,not try to rush the jobs

Job Description

to drill in the Atlanta market,not down town. This is a job for a long term crew,not someone who wants just fast money and move to the next job. The average week runs from 1000 to 2000 ft per week. This is a 4 yr job and we are 6 mo into it.
Pay is net 15 and only 5000.00 retain age
we do locates,cut and remove all black top and concert and will set hh if needed ( prefer you set,but can get them done for you if need be)
The faster you are the more footage we give out,average job is 1000 ft,needs to be done in 3 days
we work 8 am to 5 pm Mon thru Saturday.
Must have valid bank account,because we pay by wire transfer not by check


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