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Need Boring Crews in Ca

Independent Contractor




Upon successful completion of onboarding.


Piece Rate, Per' plus additional stackable line items. Contact us for the Rates.


Must have a minimum of 2 years experience, be professional and have all the proper equipment to do the job properly!

Other Requirements

Must have all the necessary equipment to Bore and Install Conduit

Job Description

Footage will vary from 500’ to 2,000’ per run, over 300 runs available, These are runs to 5G Small Cell sites. The region of work is Sacramento (Natomas, Elvas, Arden, Sac City, Sac County). We will provide HDPE, couplers, mule tape, ground rods, and handholes. Subs will provide labor, equipment, drain rock for handholes, and restoration material to complete work. Subs will responsible for dumping spoils and/or bore fluids.

• Scope of work;
o Bore/trench 1-2” HDPE at minimum depth of 36”
o Install 24”x36” HH and/or 30”x60” HH
o Install 5/8” x 8’ ground rod in new HH’s
o Proof new 2” HDPE with mule tape
o Install ¾ “ drain rock for handholes
o Install foam around HDPE at HH wall
o Install Duct Caps over HDPE in HH
o Restoration work area to original or better condition
o Additional work available:
o Fiber Placing (12-24CT MF02 Terminals and 72CT – 288CT) ***Fiber size is case by case basis
o Fiber Splicing


Peter Langerock

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