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OSP Fiber Construction Supervisor

Full-time Employee




September 21, 2020


Annual Salary- $62,400.00 to $83,200.00 depending on experience and knowledge. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance along with PTO. You'll be given a late model crew cab p/u to drive daily, a laptop, and mobile phone.


The person we hire for this position has to have a "Safety First" attitude. A minimum of three years splicing fiber and three years supervising fiber splicers are encouraged to qualify for this position.

Other Requirements

Additional requirements for this position are: 1) Being punctual on a daily basis, 2) Motivating the people with whom they're working and supervising, 3) Being prepared and doing what's necessary for the splicers to be prepared, and 4) Remember the customer is always right and keep them satisfied at all times. Safety has to be mentioned daily and being sure the crews and splicers have all necessary safety equipment.

Job Description

This position requires someone to handle projects they're assigned by visiting each and determining all material and labor requirements on the maps are enough to complete the project. Then the project needs to assigned to a construction crew and a fiber splicer so they can add it to their schedule. We have different lengths of time to complete projects and those lengths of time depend on the type of project. Our goal is to complete projects 3-10 days in advance of their scheduled completion date. Check on each project daily and submit updates at least every other day so the manager will know the progress of them. Since you're checking on the projects at least every other day all QC issues should be noticed and corrected when the project is complete. You must oversee the construction reports on the projects, the fiber splicer's reports on the projects, and be sure they're correct when submitting the information to the invoicing department.
Most Important: Be sure all crews and splicers are safety conscience and follow all safety rules daily.


Call Betty at: (336)599-2226 for more information on this position. She'll inform you of the next step in the process of getting an interview.

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About Us

We've been in the OSP Construction business in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia over the past 30+ years. We are a Class A licensed contractor in NC and VA. We handle everything from obtaining DOT and pole attachment permits to aerial & underground construction of telephone cable, coax cable, and fiber cable. Along with splicing each type of cable. We keep newer model bucket trucks, mini-excavators, trucks to pull equipment trailers, fiber splicing trailers, and reel trailers so our crews and splicers have dependable transportation and equipment.

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