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Independent Contractor


Northern Mississippi


Needed lineman yesterday , you can start as soon as you get here. We are working six days a week, usually daylight till dark.


We are paying by the foot. Prices are great. The lowest payed man on the crew takes home over a thousand a week. Top payed guy over three thousand a week and more. Pay is based on knowledge and work ethic.


Needs drivers license. Must be able to work effectively actively on hooks. Climbing is just how we get to work, that doesnt make you a lineman. I want people who can get up and down the pole quick and be able to do something when they get up there. If you dont know what your doing with fiber then dont call.

Other Requirements

Need your own tools. Needs to a license, and vehicle perferably.

Job Description

We are hanging fiber in the country and most spans are over four hundred feet long. Its self support. We have nice trucks, quads, and equipment to work with, also great support staff. Honestly, it's one of the best jobs I have ever worked.


Call or Text 606-278-5520

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