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RF and SAT techs needed asap! 1099 work!

Independent Contractor

DC (Washington)

New York

100 mile radius of NYC




75 cents per mile from home or shop location to job site + $37.50/hr on site (1hr minimum)


RF (cable) or SAT install or service experience required, ethernet wiring install and service preferred but not required, basic computer access and skills required (downloading apps, attachments, accessing network connection settings, sending and receiving files through USB and email), familiarity with RF and SAT digital meters is preferred but not required

Other Requirements

personal vehicle, laptop, test tv (small tv with hdmi and RF ports for use in headend environments), basic hand tools for cable work (prep tool, diagonal cutters, compression tool, 7/16 and 1/2 wrenches, cordless driver or drill with Phillips, flat, and drillbits), access to 6ft and 24ft ladders is preferred but not required, RF and SAT meters preferred (if not, we can provide and make an agreement on repayment), rg-6 fittings, rg-11 fittings, rg-59 fittings, rj-45 fittings and hand tools

Job Description

-technician will be responsible to drive to the job site and arrive within a 2 hour window
-technician will be expected to be able to use people skills and professionalism to introduce his/herself to the hotel front desk or engineering staff
-technician will be expected to be able to diagnose and repair any issues within the hotel television system either in the headend or within the buildings wiring or in the guest room (assistance is available 24/7)
-technician will be expected to be able to communicate the diagnosis with our office/tech support, and either proceed with repair, or await approval, or work in cooperation with remote IT assistance (should it be required)
-technician will be expected to complete all work promptly and professionally, and take before and after photos when applicable
-technician will be expected to leave all work areas clean and undamaged, and professionally sealed (where penetration of walls has occurred) or cable management (where wiring was repaired or installed).
-technician will be expected to be able to send and receive files pertaining to tv programming (files will be removed from tv's via USB, uploaded to computer, and sent via email, and vice versa)
-technician will be expected to be able to connect laptop to routers, switches, modems, and other comm equipment via USB adapters (USB to serial, or USB to rj-45) and work with remote IT support via teamviewer
-technician will be expected to be able to download software onto their laptop for remote access, file sharing, and platform specific communications (putty, etc)


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