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Headend and Network Operations center position

Full-time Employee


Wilmington and Dover Vermont


As soon as possible


Competitive compensation package based upon knowledge and experience


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Job Description

Company Overview:
Duncan Cable TV is a small, privately owned cable company serving the communities of Wilmington and Dover, Vermont since 1972. We offer HD television and DOCSIS modem services, as we construct and expand our gig-a-bit, Fiber-to-the-Home network upgrade. The expansion of our state of the art Fiber-to-the-Home network will deliver us, and our valued customers into the future of network communications. Working for and growing with a 48 year old family owned Cable business like Duncan Cable, includes the “team experience” while acknowledging and rewarding individual commitment to our customers.

Position Overview:
Headend Engineer / Technician, will perform daily monitoring of our downlink, off/air feeds as well as confirmation of the QOS to our Cable Television subscribers.
Daily Headend tasks may likely include monitoring and maintaining our QAM delivery network of switches, routers, media gateways, transcoders, processors, lasers, network combining components etc.. On the Docsis side we maintain our Cisco UBR 10K CMTS, NSG QAM Gateways and related docsis equipment. On the FTTH side we maintain a Calix Headend utilizing the E7 platform and Calix ONT's, Clearfield field coupling cabinets and Corning FlexNap family of FTTH distribution products as well as. Candidates with fiber optic splicing experience or better yet, certification, a plus.
We operate and maintain a standalone Headend in Wilmington where all of these operations take place. However, at times there will not be sufficient work in the headend to fill a typical 8 hour day. That said, being a small system requires the flexibility to wear different hats based upon the tasks at hand. It is with this in mind that Duncan Cable is looking for flexibility and a willingness on the part of a candidate for this position, to work in the field as well. Such work may include and seeks experience in Node,and RF amplifier setup, testing, balancing and general performance confirmation of our 750 mhz, hybrid fiber coaxial network. This work will require knowledge and experience troubleshooting network issues such as, ingress, egress, SNR issues, hardline coaxial cable and connector problems. Network powering and maintenance of pole mounted power supplies is another area a candidate should have solid fundamental knowledge of. Working in the field may at times include customer visits, installing Cable TV equipment and coaxial or fiber optic service drops; installing modem service and ensuring a quality broadband Internet connection; troubleshooting and resolving service-related issues, while educating and assisting our customers with the services they subscribe to.

To the right, qualified, applicant this position offers a competitive compensation package including a health benefit, PTO and paid vacation time. If you find the thought of living and or raising a family in a rural setting like Vermont, while enjoying the exciting challenges of a career in telecommunications, we hope you'll contact us with your qualifications and arrange an interview.

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