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Top Rates UG, Aerial Construction Work Philly, PA

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Job Description

Utilities One Inc is looking for qualified aerial and underground construction splicing crews familiar with FTTx architecture in the Pennsylvania area. If you are the principle of a contract company interested in telecom construction splicing in this region, we may have an opportunity for you.

Project Description: Splicing aerial and underground telecommunications fiber optics and coax plant. Familiar with FOSC 450 enclosures, Coyote In-Line RUNT closures, splitters, dongles. Able to run test report and troubleshoot fiber optics spans using OTDR.

Equipment Required: General purpose and placer buckets trucks, ladder / hooks for aerial work, fiber trailers, reel trailers, skid steers, dump trailers, flatbed trailers, fiber & coax splicing equipment, OTDR, power meters and any other needed equipment to fulfill the scope of work

Crews Required: Underground and aerial fiber and coax splicers.”


George : 571-419-3877

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