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Lead Technician

Full-time Employee






To be determined after interview (hourly, salary or production options available)


Must be experienced with mainline coax splicing, have a very thorough understanding of cable system design and powering, understanding of node optimization, troubleshooting RF and AC related issues, able to balance forward and return actives, operate bucket truck in a safe manner, use of a 28' fiberglass extension ladder, able to lift up to 75 lbs,

Other Requirements

All tools and equipment will be provided

Job Description

We are currently working on a long term cable system upgrades in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are performing node splits, system re-balancing and node+0 upgrade.


Steven Olson
LightCore Optical Solutions, LLC
(417) 661-0327

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About Us

We are a fast growing company with a vision for success in the telecommunications industry. We are a certified Veteran Owned Small Business who's preference is towards veterans.

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