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Fiber-GPON-Hourly Broadband Tech $1,000 hire bonus

Contract Employee


Multiple Locations: Seattle, Kirkland, Lynnwood, Everette, etc.


This Description of Work outlines the expectations Frontier has with the contracted services used for the business-as-usual (BAU) Install & Repair (I&R) Fiber services for the contracted areas.


Benefits package includes: medical and dental insurance, paid holidays, vacation pay and 401k plan.


A truck and tools are required for position.

Other Requirements

Must pass a pre-employment background check and drug/alcohol screen. Valid state driver’s license and non-negligent driving record. Meet safety restriction weight limit of 275 lbs. Ability to lift and move up to 75 lbs. Ability to visually perceive differences in wire and cable colors. Must be able to work flexible hours with the understanding that workdays can be in excess of normal hours and some weekend and holiday work may be required. Ability to be “on call” and “on standby” in relation to.

Job Description

AFL provides industry-leading fiber optic products, conductor accessories and fittings, and related services across the globe. Our company was founded in 1984 with a single fiber optic cable and has grown to include every facet of the passive optical network, employing over 5,000 associates worldwide and consistently generating annual sales in excess of a billion dollars. 

 In April of 2019, AFL made a major investment in ITC Service Group, a Sacramento-based company providing broadband installation, design and staffing services to the telecommunications and IT industries.

ITC Service Group was founded in 1999 and provides managed services and workforce solutions for the nationwide planning design, construction, installation and maintenance of voice, data and video networks. 

AFL and ITC were built and are operated on similar core values and philosophies. This will prove extremely beneficial to our customers and our employees.

With our commitment to professional growth and employee development, let AFL “Connect” you to your next career opportunity!

You need to have: 
The ability and drive to work well with others to achieve common goals and to foster a cooperative climate, as well as to work independently in the field with little supervision.



This Description of Work outlines the expectations Ziply Fiber (Frontier) has with the contracted services used for the business-as-usual (BAU) Install & Repair (I&R) Fiber services for the contracted areas.

The amount of Work provided to the I&R Contractor is solely at the discretion of Ziply Fiber (Frontier) and may vary widely from region/area and day-to-day. Ziply Fiber (Frontier) intends to schedule work assignments 7-days a week during local daylight hours.

The following are underlying assumptions:
I&R Contractor will provide enough workforce, vehicles, and equipment to support (Frontier) I&R as deemed necessary by Ziply Fiber.
I&R Contractor must provide technicians capable of installing the full scope of (Frontier) offerings to include telephone service (VOIP or Copper), and Internet services. Work could include any combination of services. The I&R Contractor may also be requested to provide repair and temporary services.
Services shall be performed in a manner that meets all (Frontier) commit dates as established by (Frontier) Operations in any Service Order issued to I&R Contractor. All services provided shall be performed according to (Frontier) specifications and practices.
I&R Contractor will provide a single point of contact through which all issues and discussion items will be directed.
Unless otherwise directed by Regional Operations, (Frontier) will dispatch job assignments to the I&R Contractor's trained technicians.
I&R Contractor is responsible for providing the technician with the necessary equipment to perform work functions.
Supplies will be ordered by the I&R Contractor using a material want list provided by Regional Operations. The approved request will then be sent to (Frontier) Logistics. The I&R Contractor is responsible for providing and maintaining a secure I&R Contractor material staging point.
I&R Contractor's technicians are required to have a smart cell phone and all tools necessary for the performance of all requisite Work.
I&R Contractor shall provide technicians available for dispatch Monday through Sunday from 8 am until 8 pm or for an alternative hourly schedule determined by local (Frontier) management. Hours will be determined by (Frontier) demand.
All billing units used for compensation are attached to this contract and shall be used. No other arrangements are to be made unless obtained in writing from (Frontier) .
Frontier's intent in defining these units is to drive compensation for Work on a unit basis, and not to compensate on an hourly basis.
Frontier will not compensate any contractor at a premium rate, as this contract is "unit driven". Any premium compensation must be paid by the I&R Contractor if required by law. I&R Contractors must have Frontier's approval before charging an hourly or per-diem rate.
All billing will be submitted via the (Frontier) billing system. I&R Contractor is responsible for hardware & software that are compatible with the (Frontier) billing system.
All employees of the I&R Contractor shall have in their possession, always, in addition to a valid driver's license, a valid picture identification card in a format designated by (Frontier) identifying them as an employee of the I&R Contractor and as a (Frontier) Authorized Partner.
At the request of (Frontier) , all employees of the I&R Contractor shall have vehicle identification as specified by (Frontier) (e.g., magnetic truck signage) identifying them as an employee of the I&R Contractor working for (Frontier) as an Authorized Partner. The I&R Contractor will be responsible for supplying vehicle identification to all employees.
All technicians shall wear (Frontier) collared shirts that include both the I&R Contractor's and Frontier's logo. (The I&R Contractor is responsible for ensuring all technicians meet industry-standard in appearance). The I&R Contractor will be responsible for supplying employees with (Frontier) approved shirts. (Frontier) will provide an online uniform store for purchasing approved apparel.
I&R Contractor's technicians shall always professionally present themselves and (Frontier) .
When acting on Frontier's behalf, I&R Contractor and I&R Contractor's technicians shall adhere to all (Frontier) as well as telecom industry safety practices.
Periodically, (Frontier) will, at its sole discretion, perform quality reviews of Work conducted. I&R Contractor's representative may be asked to be present for such reviews. I&R Contractor is expected to complete one quality inspection per month, per technician, at the minimum.
Regional Operations will provide necessary quality inspection documentation. It will be the I&R Contractor's responsibility to ensure completed quality inspections are in hand if needed by (Frontier) .
Quality related issues caused by the I&R Contractor during the installation or repair are expected to be corrected by the I&R Contractor at no charge to (Frontier).  Quality related issues are to be resolved within 36 hours of finding.
The I&R Contractor will be responsible for any damages they caused to a (Frontier) or (Frontier) Customer's premise, at I&R Contractor's expense, and resolve any complaints related to the Work performed. (Frontier) complaints must be responded to within 24 hours and resolved within 48 hours.
I&R Contractor related complaints will be given to the I&R Contractor first to resolve when possible. However, safety issues, service affecting issues, etc. that require immediate attention may not always allow the option of contacting the vendor first. In such circumstances, the I&R Contractor may be charged for the cost of resolution and not paid for the corresponding Unit.

Installation Technician:
The following tasks are representative; however, not all-inclusive of installation services technical skills. The specific items required are dependent upon the particular order. (Frontier) may provide more detailed information and amend this skills requirement over time in consultation with the I&R Contractor.

A service order may require the following skills:

Ability to communicate with customers effectively and professionally
Ability to read a mainframe/cross-connect/control point layout to run jumpers
Ability to read, understand and follow the instruction on dispatched Jobs, trouble tickets, project prints, throw and sequence sheets and associated record updates
Ability to utilize test equipment and interpret test results for all workstreams
Necessary computer skills and Android platform mobile device application usage
Basic electricity
Basic transmission of "xDSL" installation - xDSL means variations of Digital Subscriber Lines.
Completion requirements for each Unit
Configuration of Customer-owned computers
Connecting fiber optic jumpers and drops (aerial, buried, and plenum).
Educating Customer in internet access
Experience in telephone service (VOIP or Copper, as appropriate)
Experience with routers and home networking
Experience with test sets as required.
General computer skills
Installation may include running or reusing COAX or CAT 5 wiring
Installation may consist of utilizing MOCA or Wi-Fi technology
Installation of aerial drop
Installation of internet hubs and routers
Installation of ONT and power supplies
Knowledge of COAX cable sizes and types and installing connectors
Knowledge of working with fiber and copper facilities
Ladder safety
May include burying CAT5/coax up to 50 ft.
May require running of temporary fiber drop but so as not to cause a safety hazard to the public, e.g., over roads, sidewalks, or driveways.
OSHA safety requirements
Pole climbing
Splicing of fiber drop connectors
Station installation and repair (Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat6, RJ11, RJ45 jacks, drop, and NID)
Technical understanding of loss, attenuation, and tiling.
The telephony color code and to be able to identify assigned cable pairs
Verification of service
When required, placing wires between walls

Work zone requirements:
Working knowledge of workforce management system: Including but not limited to: Mobile Tech Portal and associated task clearing codes.
Working within attics or crawl spaces
ITC Service Group (“ITC”), is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.


If interested please call Or text: Senior Recruiter- Julie Brinkmeyer- Cell # 512-878-7147 Or you can Email resumes to

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