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Eastern shore va. Splicing

Independent Contractor


Eastern shore






Must be experienced in coax splicing

Other Requirements

Must have trucks and tools to complete job, mostly 875,750,625, and 500

Job Description

This is a 330mzh to 860 total upgrade.
For those of you that wasn't around but heard about how upgrades where in mid 90s. This is going to be like that.
Work is located on eastern shore of Virginia so feel free to look at area on goggle.
It's going to be a good one.

Experience splicers only I'll walk away before I let glorified tapers or bucket babys, that haven't seen easement get a repreive, if it shows itself you must be able to splice it via hooks or ladder no exceptions.
All work is DAYTIME.


x x x x Canceled/Expired Listing x x x x

listed • expires
job listing #89002 • tiny link