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Looking for bore crews in Colorado

Independent Contractor


Colorado Springs and some of the Denver suburbs


2 weeks


price per job. invoices will be turned in every Monday to receive payment on Friday every 2 weeks after Metro's supervisor signs off. With proper marked prints and supervisor approval pay can be received every Friday with a 5% fee.


looking for local sub contractors that can bore, place inner duct, pull fiber, and place hand holes, boxes, etc. Must have at least one English speaking person on each crew, Verizon specs are required, and must have references.

Other Requirements

must have own bore rigs, vac trucks, traffic control set up, white lining capabilities, call in your own locates, familiar with Colorado Springs safety requirements, license to work in the state of Colorado, and experience in all phases of underground fiber placement and familiar with Verizon practices.

Job Description

white line jobs, call in locates, manage your own crews, safety, traffic control as needed, boring, pulling inner ducts, digging pits, potholing, placing cabinets, pedestals, boxes, hand holes, etc. Must be able to red line as builts, and invoice on every Monday in order to receive money every 2 weeks on Fridays.


text Ron Grantham 903-450-6400 or

text ricky 214-535-2202

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About Us

we are a family owned and ran business out of Dallas, Tx. we have been in business for over 44 years. We are an experience underground, pole setting, and aerial contractor.

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