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Cable TV/Broadband Line Technician

Full-time Employee


Bellingham, WA




Compensation based on experience.


Must be familiar with maintenance type work as well as doing customer installs.

Other Requirements

Frequent lifting and physical handling of heavy objects (approx. 50-100 lbs.) and materials, or heavy hand tools.

Job Description

As a Cable TV/Broadband Line Technician (Field Technician), you will be primarily focused on installations and line maintenance of our cable broadband services. You’ll drive a company van, go to customer homes, and represent PogoZone every day to our customers. You’ll perform a variety of duties including installation, changes of service, additional outlet installation, disconnection of service, system amp maintenance and balancing, and system noise mitigation.

Job Duties:
* Creates customer drop installations (exterior and interior) complete from tap to terminals on customer equipment in customer premise locations; installs modems and IP TV services at customer premise locations.
* Performs new connects, reconnects, and disconnects; installs and/or removes converters and additional outlets and performs upgrades and downgrades of service.
* Analyzes signal quality and ensures acceptability of service delivered following installation.
* Works with connectors, fasteners and wire and uses hand tools.
* Uses customary CATV hand and power tools in performance of job duties.
* Reads signal levels through use of meters; adds and subtracts levels in installation problems; installs connectors on different types of drop cable; maintains proper clearances; installs tap-off devices.
* Maintains proper amp balance of the cable systems to ensure optimal system performance throughout the various seasons.
* Climb poles with proper equipment (safety belt, safety strap and climbers), ladders or other structures as needed. Lifts and carries loads up to 75lbs (including line ladder); Works within limited confines, such as crawl spaces.
* Able to properly use a DMM or like to device to check for “open” or “short” on line as well as AC and DC voltages.
* Reads general drop system layouts from blueprints and completes proper system and customer paperwork.
* Informs customers of Federal, State and Company policies as they pertain to them.
* Drives Company vehicles, including bucket trucks while performing job duties; Ensures proper vehicle upkeep and maintenance.
* Generates additional revenue by offering additional product options to customers.
* Performs other duties such as clean-up and salvage of wrecked out materials; provides general assistance to other employees as directed.

Core Skills:
* Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
* A desire to help people.
* Ability to work in high or tight spaces.
* Knowledge of Windows based computing.
* Knowledge of VoIP systems.
* Knowledge of Email protocols and various Email Clients.
* Excellent trouble shooting skills.
* Solid understanding of general IT concepts.
* Valid driver’s license: satisfactory driving record required.
* High School Diploma or GED Required; 2-year technical degree, trade school, or equivalent experience preferred.

* Medical Insurance
* Dental Insurance
* Vision Insurance
* Life Isnurance
* 401k
* Paid Time Off (PTO)
* Paid Sick Time Off
* Paid Holidays


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