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Underground - Aerial Strand Mapping - Permitting

Independent Contractor








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Minimum of 5 years mapping experience required.

Other Requirements

Must have vehicle, footage wheel, range finder, 36' Hastings measuring stick (or equivalent) and smart phone or tablet.

Job Description

Aerial Route Deliverable
• Verifying pole locations (Existing, missing and potential)
• Identify & note poles that do not exist in the field but are on the stick maps & records
• Identify & note poles that exist in the field but do not show on a stick map.
• Identify & note poles that are in the wrong location on the stick maps (i.e. pole on wrong property line corner)
• Identify & note locations where a new pole could be placed to extend new aerial fiber reach potential customers.
• Verify Foreign Owned Poles (FOP)
• Identify & note foreign poles that as potential options to serve customers Aerially (measure existing span length, note pole locations, note pole tags, pole ownership, note proposed locations for downguy, anchors.
• Inspect and Verify General Route conditions.
• measuring existing span lengths.
• Identify and note any blatant midspan clearance issues (TAKE PICTURE & label properly).
• Identify and note any missing pole supports, downguys/anchors.
• Identify and note any tree trimming (Light, medium, or heavy, and APPROXIMATE Footage.)
• Identify and note if aerial plant is Self-Support or Strand or lashed (if LEAD cable: make a note).
• Identify and note, AND take pictures of defective plant, NESC violations (Rotting poles, broken, sagging/low mid-spans, etc…)
• In Alleys: Identify and note the surface type (Grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete, etc…); identify traffic use (light, medium, heavy);

Identify/note potential locations for fiber/peds/vault/pole.
• Identify and note Pole Data (Foreign owned poles only)
• Measure, identify, and note all existing attachments and heights from ground level (telco, Cable, Power).
• Measure, identify and note the lowest Mid-Span height in line with aerial lead.
• Identify All risers, downguys, anchors.
• identify and call out when & where NEW support needs to be placed. Validate available space for downguys and anchors.
• Measure and note front and back of span lengths.
• Take good pictures showing all the communications attachments and lowest power at the pole.
• Existing Underground Deliverable
• Identify the number and size of the existing conduits, then:
• Vacant or occupied,
• Existing mule tape
• Measure route between the existing poles
• Measure route between existing vaults/peds/poles
• Identify and note the size of vault/peds.
• Identify and note surface types (asphalt, concrete, gravel, etc…)
• identify existing soft surfaces that allow construction to trench (gravel/dirt, road/driveway, grass, landscape, etc…)
• Identify, measure and note stations (edge of pavement, street, curb, sidewalk, driveways, etc...)
• Identify, measure and note any existing visible utilities and above ground structures that could impact construction (Peds, Cabinets, MH,

Vaults, Poles, Water & Gas meters/valves, FENCES, etc…)
• Station visible property/parcel line & public ROW.
• In Alleys: Identify and note the surface type (Grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete, etc…); identify traffic use (light, medium, heavy);

Identify/note potential locations for fiber/peds/vault/pole
• Parcel Data Deliverable
• Verify existing addresses in the field for each parcel, including “VACANT”.
• Identify & note number of potential customers at each parcel & address…(Business, Residential, commercial)
• Identify and note any vacant parcels
• MDU/Multi-Tenant Deliverable
• Identify and note unit numbers/addresses (EX: 717 Ash St, units A, B, C, D)
• MDU’s greater than 4 units:
• Identify the number of buildings
• Identify the # of units in each
• Identify the method each building is served (Shared interface/dedicated/individual interface per Bld)
• Inside or outside interface terminal
• Note the method serving the building (AE, BU, UG, & number/size of conduits)
• Take pictures of existing interface/terminal/DMARC (to determine available space, include in the pictures any other adjacent utilities)


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