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(MEMPHIS, TN) MDU Installation Contractors Needed

Independent Contractor




March 2020


Hourly or Piece Rate


1099, Corp-to-Corp, or W2 Installation Crews are required to have previous work experience and have knowledge in pulling cables in attics, hallways, conduit. Knowledge of termination of CAT6 rated cable is a plus. Previous work experience will be verified. Former cable installers or contractors are encouraged to apply.

Other Requirements

Hammer Drills, Flashlights, Safety Equipment (PPE), are the responsibility of the contractor. Flex bits, magnapulls, fishing rods, materials and other tools will be provided by the Company with written agreements.

Job Description

Gigafy is an Internet Service Provider that is installing internet service in apartments in the Memphis, TN area. We are looking to recruit contractors and technicians to assist in the deployment and construction of our network. We have 2000 apartment units that need installed in the Memphis, TN area within Q1 of 2020.

Contractors and Technicians will install CAT6 rated cabling from a network cabinet on the apartment building to residential apartment units.

Contractors will install and route the CAT6 cable into a centrally approved location of the apartment complex. Contractors will be managed by an on-site Operations Manager of Gigafy. Contractors that can terminate and certify cables will result in additional negotiated compensation. Contractors must have General Liability insurance, references, and criminal background checks upon request. Payment terms are 7-14 days after work is completed. This is a contractual commitment for chosen contractors, contractor abandonment may result in pre-agreed back pay.


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