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Construction Supervisor (Drilling Operations)

Full-time Employee


Phoenix and Chandler


As soon as possible


We offer competitive pricing to all qualified applicants


Extensive experience and knowledge of day-to-day operations with directional drilling within the telecommunications industry is required.

Other Requirements

Valid Driver's License

Job Description


The position of a Supervisor within the structure of Pauley Construction is to manage two to four crews consisting of crew leaders or foremen. The type of work would generally consist of repetitive and redundant work assignments that would exist in a Superintendent’s structure. This position must also be able to communicate with external customers including city inspectors and personnel. This position will be responsible for coordinating pre-construction meetings and keeping safety and production records along with doing as-builds. This position will be responsible for signing timesheets, approving time off and assisting with hiring and coaching both new and existing personnel. This position will be overseeing and managing crews involved with the day-to-day directional drilling operations and the supervisor must have extensive knowledge and experience with directional drilling work within the telecommunications industry. 

This position will report out of our Phoenix, Arizona office. 


Oversees and lead crews in meeting and maintaining daily production goals as well as maintaining production records.
Coordinates with their direct manager to invoice jobs in a timely manner as established in company policy and area goals for each job.
Each Supervisor will ensure that all company safety policies, OSHA, DOT and any special requirements of a project are in compliance with each crew assignment.
All accident investigations, including job damage, employee injury and vehicle accidents will be the responsibility of the Supervisor and Superintendent.
Attends all safety meetings with the Superintendent and crews assigned to the Supervisor.
Attends all in-house training and out-sourced training as adopted in the company policy.
Is responsible along with the Superintendent for all property owner complaints and personally investigates all complaints.
Assures 100% adherence to all company safety policies.
The Supervisor will communicate all equipment needs to their direct manager. This includes repair, maintenance and rental needs.
The Supervisor will keep all trucks and equipment in a clean condition.
Other supervisor related duties as assigned by direct manager. 


Must be minimum of 21 years old to drive company vehicles/operate company equipment
Proven experience to assist crews in producing high quality results
Experience with personnel to include coaching and mentoring employees
Extensive experience and knowledge of day-to-day operations with directional drilling within the telecommunications industry is required. 
Valid driver license
Must be able to effectively communicate with crew.
Be available to work overtime and emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Maintain a positive attitude with team.
Maintain good public relations (interact with the public in a courteous manner)
Must have reliable transportation
Must be self-motivated and be able to motivate a team.
Must have efficient computer skills specifically with Microsoft products
Must be able to solve problems efficiently while meeting deadlines
Extensive leadership experience in telecommunications or underground utility construction
Basic ability to use small tools/hand tools
Keep appropriate documentation (time cards, job cost, etc.)
Applicants are required to pass all company drug testing, submit to a background check and adhere to all OSHA, state, city/municipality safety requirements and training provided by company as required.


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