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District Manager of Underground Construction

Full-time Employee




As soon as possible


Extensive experience working with underground construction, interfacing with customers and meeting multiple deadlines with employees/ CenturyLink experience

Other Requirements

Valid Driver's License

Job Description


The main objective of a District Manager is to provide the leadership, training, and discipline as outlined in the company goals and objectives and this job description in order to manage all aspects of the operations while assuming full responsibility for all customer and/or geographic assignments. Based on the structure adopted by Pauley Construction, each District Manager will be responsible for managing certain expectations to accomplish the goals and objectives of this position.

Based on the structure adopted by Pauley Construction, a District Manager will operate a business unit team that is sized to accommodate the requirements of a customer(s) within a district or a geographic assignment. In some cases the structure may need to be adjusted to meet customer challenges. The size will also need to accomplish the financial goals as established for the District Manager.

Supervisors, Foreman, and Crew Leaders will normally report to the District Manager. In some cases a Superintendent can report to a District Manager with the approval of the Area or Regional Manager.

A District Manager will normally report to an Area Manager. However, due to isolation, growth potential, and sizing limitations, a District Manager may report to a Regional Manager. Reporting to a Regional Manager will only be permitted when the District Manager does not need constant supervision and is accomplishing all of the goals and objectives of the company as required by this position.

When this position reports to an Area Manager, the District Manager’s business plan will be included in the Area Manager’s business plan. When reporting to a Regional Manager the annual business plan will be submitted to the Regional Manager.

This position will report out of our Longmont, Colorado office.


Participate in all training that is required to certify and qualify each employee that works for the district assignment within Pauley Construction.
Have the responsibility to investigate all incidents including job damages, employee injury, and vehicle incidents along with the Superintendent and Area Manager. The Regional Manager and Regional Safety Coordinator or Divisional Safety Director will be involved in the investigation depending on the serious nature of an incident or damage. Note: (The Vice President of Operations and Divisional Safety Director will make the decision to involve the Company Safety Director to assist the Regional and Area Manager in the investigation depending on the serious nature of the incident. Involving the Company Safety Director and Divisional Safety Director to assist in the investigation of an incident or damage does not remove the responsibility of the investigation, disciplinary process, and managing an incident to a conclusion from the area or regional management team. See safety structure policy for protocol.)        
Attend a mandatory monthly meeting with the Area or Regional Manager to review all incidents of the entire company and the district’s year to date history.
Be required to accomplish the company accident incident rate (AIR) goal for employee injuries, vehicle accident incident rate, and job damage man hour goals as established annually by the Company Safety Director.
Attend and participate in all safety meetings regarding the business unit.
Participate in all required in-house training as adopted and mandated in company policy.
Assumes accountability and responds to field safety observation issues and near miss observations within the district team.
The District Manager will participate and assist in the career path, training requirements, evaluations, etc., based on company policy and approved curriculum for employee development. (See the training requirements section.)
Assist and promote if needed, in communicating company benefits and policy guidelines to the assigned business unit team.
Evaluates each member of the business unit team annually as per company guidelines.
Involved in all hiring, disciplinary, and promotions within the business unit team.
The District Manager will communicate all equipment needs with the Area or Regional Manager.
The District Manager has the authority to temporarily rent equipment as needed, provided that no owned company equipment is directly available. The Fleet Manager and Area or Regional Manager will assist the District Manager in minimizing the need to rent equipment when possible. If the rental is long term, the District Manager will replace the rental with owned equipment in the region or within the company as listed in the idle pool of equipment if available.
The District Manager will notify the Fleet Manager of any rentals through the monthly communication process.
The District Manager will coordinate all equipment repairs and preventative maintenance with the Area or Regional Manager utilizing in-house shop facilities or an approved outside vendor.
The District Manager will be responsible for all misuse or abuse of company equipment. This includes the upkeep and cleanliness of all trucks and equipment.
The District Manager will enforce the take home truck policy.
The District Manager will participate in an annual equipment meeting to make requests and budget future needs for growth and replacement. Requests for equipment will be included in the annual business plan.
The District Manager will inventory all trucks and equipment to include small tools as stated in the inventory policy.
The District Manager will list all extra and idle equipment in the weekly notes for re-assignment. The Fleet Manager will assist in the re-assignment.
The District Manager will meet monthly with the Area or Regional Manager to discuss equipment issues such as maintenance, repairs, budgets, rentals, extraordinary expenses, etc. Minutes of this meeting will be addressed in the monthly communication of the District Manager.
Communicates and participates in the Area Manager’s business plan that is presented by the Area Manager annually with a six month update. When reporting to a Regional Manager, the District Manager will make a presentation of the business plan to the Regional Manager.
The District Manager will attend a mandatory monthly meeting as required by company policy to evaluate the results of each customer or geographic assignment with the Area Manager or Regional Manager.  (Note: All results with respect to the goals and objectives of the company which include safety, employee development, customer satisfaction, equipment, and the financial results of the district will be reviewed). Action items will be given to the District Manager concerning any focus area that does not accomplish the company goals and objectives.
Provides updates to the Area and/or Regional Manager monthly regarding the financial projections for the preceding months.
Coordinates with the Manager and/or the assigned administrative staff to complete invoicing in a timely manner as per contract requirements.
Accomplishes the company day count receivables goal.
May assist other areas of Pauley Construction businesses to accomplish goals.
Other managerial related duties as assigned by direct manager.


Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

3 -5  years of underground utility construction experience involving managing various teams to meet daily production goals in a fast paced environment
Extensive experience working with external customers to meet deadlines, resolve issues and provide solutions.
Any combination of education and/or experience that demonstrates ability to perform the designated job duties and responsibilities of the position.

Reasoning Ability:

Ability to make common sense understanding to carry out instructions that are provided in written, oral or drawing. Ability to deal with and understand problems involving different variables in many varied situations. Ability to collect, organize, disseminate and analyze significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.

Mathematical Skills:

Ability to calculate figures and amounts (measurements in terms of distance, proportions, percentages and area. Ability to apply concepts of basic mathematics including algebra and geometry.

Language Skills:

Ability to read, understand and interpret documents such as safety rules and requirements, machine manuals of operation and process procedures. Ability to write information including reports. Ability to speak effectively to customers, vendors and coworkers up through all levels of management and staff. Ability to speak effectively and clearly with the public and external customers.

Software Requirements:

Must have strong proficiency in Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Must have general computer knowledge.

Other Requirements:

Must possess a valid driver’s license.
Must be able to pass a background check and company drug screening.
Must be able to attend and pass all company required training as needed.
May be required to work after hours; on weekends or be on-call as work is needed.  
Regular and timely attendance is an essential function of this position.
Must possess excellent communication skills with both internal and external customers.


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