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Independent Contractor


Montgomery AL, Dothan AL, Grove Hill AL, Mobile AL


Pensacola FL, Panama City, FL

North Carolina

Asheville NC, Greensbro NC, Winston-Salem NC


Chattanooga TN, Knoxville TN


Yesterday? Perfect!


82% of every dollar to start. 84% of every dollar with NICET II. 86% of every dollar with NICET II & State License.


Low Voltage Experience Counts! Truck, Tools, 1099 Field Experience, gets you an interview.

Other Requirements

Mandatory Background Check Required. "Perfect" existence on this rock not.

Job Description

As a member of the Critical Work Force we are reaching out for more help. Unfortunately, we do not need trainees. We need experienced Low Voltage Technicians. Our Company is very different than most. When all of this “pain” we are going through began the Industry started asking questions. We have 10 Virtual Administrative Offices, we have 15 Virtual Operation Command Centers, and currently we have 150 Virtual Technicians. That is 175 Separate, Isolated, Individuals.
You will learn more than you can imagine. We do not work with one device. We work with every device manufactured and sold in the United States. We do not work for one Company. We are considered the SEC of Low Voltage. If a Company does business in AL-FL-GA-NC-SC-TN, they know us.
If you know what a 1099 is you know what's required. The family station wagon is not an approved work vehicle. If you don't understand Professionalism rest assured you won't make it here.
You will be involved with Installs and/or Service of Fire Systems (IF QUALIFIED-NICET II OR CFAT II), Burglary Systems, CCTV Systems, Access Control, Intercom, Paging, Sound, Fiber, and so much more. Want the extra dough? Learn to sell.
Do you have CAT I, CFAT II, NICET II, OSHA? No? You shall! We pay for your test and give you a raise when you pass. If you decide to leave us you will leave with more than you came with. We don't think you'll leave. Our Senior Tech is still pulling from the well 28 years later.
In 1991 a young Cable Man watched as every time the "Company" needed more "black ink" on the bottom line they took it from the Field. The solution? Diversity. We have grown to a staggering size with 200 participants. We have the system as our software was created from within. We chase the work, we chase the pay, all you do is PERFORM.
If that's not enough let us introduce you to Wild Mustangs, LLC.


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