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ATT 5G Tower Upgrades Wisconsin Top Pay, Quick Pay

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp



Immediately upon verification of active certs and tool inspection.


Depending on Sites, Average between $17,000 - $25,000 a site. Payout is Net 7 from Approved VQA.


We are looking for self sufficient crews, Our leads and managers are available to guide and assist but looking for crews that are 100% capable of completing the entire SOW of a site that they accept. Including relocating radios, installing antennas decomming outdated equipment and materials, Running fiber and power along with having the ability to upgrade the shelter.

Other Requirements

Crews must have all up to date certifications including: RF Awareness, Competent Climber, Competent Rigger, Competent, Rescue, OSHA 10/30, First Aid and CPR. Eligible crews must also have the proper Safety Equipment, Climbing Gear and Rigging Equipment. Must have the ability and desire to follow all of our Safety Procedures, Safety Policies and Documenting requests.

Job Description

We have over 15 towers in the Wisconsin area alone that we are upgrading for ATT to 5G. We are doing everything onsite from the Shelter to the Tower and everything in between. We are looking for driven individuals that understand what is expected of them, put safety first and think outside the box to get a job done right the first time every time.


Isabel Campos


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About Us

Allwire construction Solutions is company driven by Passion, Faith and Accountability. We truly believe in putting our Tower Climbers, Tower Technicians, OSP Crews and Installation Crews first. Without them we dont exist. So if you are looking for a home, join us. A company that pays high %, fast and appreciates your hard work. All we ask is that you do every job right the first time while putting safety first. We are looking for passionate driven tower techs for multiple markets throughout the country.

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