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Fiber Splicers (Long Beach, CA)

Full-time Employee


Greater LA Area




3+ years experience in fiber optics or system assembly and testing. Ability to climb telephone poles daily approximately 20’ in height. Background in Fiber Optic splicing documentation practices. Solid understanding of the telecommunications industry and fiber splicing trade. Ability to lift and/or pull 75 lbs. A valid Driver's License. Willingness to travel. Ability to communicate professionally and technical terms with co-workers, homeowners, and customers.

Other Requirements

The role of this individual is to perform tasks associated with installation, testing, repairing, electronic upgrading and splicing on new and existing aerial and underground Fiber Optical telecommunications systems for our customers in the telephone, cable television and/or community antenna television (CATV) industries.

Job Description


-Prep, Dress, Store fiber optic cabling to specifications and assemble equipment according to design specifications.
-Perform fiber optic splicing as well as understand engineering and splicing drawings.
-Read interpret and understand fiber matrix, plant design files and complete required documentation files, such as asbuilts in electronic and/or hard copy as required.
-Prep of armored/unarmored cables, ribbon and loose tube fiber, mid-sheaths.
-Installation and re-enter of various enclosure types, patch panel, muxs e.g. (WDM / CWDM / DWDM).
-Installation and dressing of fiber optic cables (vertical/horizontal).
-Preform splicing and testing on aerial activate, and troubleshoot fiber links after installation, and /or underground fiber plant.
-Hanging and securing of enclosures and storage loops in aerial/ underground locations.
-Maintain proper inventory on vehicle based on work assignment.
-Operate vehicle and bucket lift safely, following all safety and traffic regulations.
-Prepare paperwork to track daily production, and accurately record completed work on job site blueprints.
-Other responsibilities as directed by Supervision


To apply for the position please go to our website and click on the careers tab at the bottom of the page.

About Us

VCI Construction, LLC is one of the largest full-service communication utilities contractors in Southern California. We have successfully completed and continue to work on a vast number of projects for many of the biggest names in the communication industry. We have built an outstanding reputation for quality service and performance that customers can rely on. We are a stable and well-respected company in our industry.

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