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#1Hughes Dealer in U.S needs Techs!

Independent Contractor


Nationwide Dealer needing coverage in ALL STATES!!!




Starting Pay is $120 per Install. Direct Deposit.


You must have your own truck and tools and you must have prior experience installing HughesNet or ViaSat and be certified or willing to become certified.

Job Description

Thank You for your interest in joining the M Installations Technician Team!!!

I'm looking for well-qualified and motivated technicians to join my NATIONWIDE TEAM!!!

You must have your own truck and tools and you must have prior experience installing HughesNet & ViaSat and be certified or willing to become certified.

Base pay rate is $120 per install, $50 for a service call.

I've personally worked in the field for over 18 years so I know the struggles of being a tech and can relate to many of the issues so you would be working with someone who understands the business and can relate.

I look forward to filling many positions with good hard working individuals that want to join a team with a company who cares about their techs.

Opportunities are available throughout ALL cities and states across the U.S.

It's important to understand there are pre qualifications that MUST be met in order to be considered.

1- You must be able to pass a Hughes background check.

2- You must be able to provide several GOOD references from previous employers.

3- You must have your own truck and tools.

4- You must have Hughesnet or ViaSat installing experience and be certified and or willing to become certified.

5- You MUST be able to install BOTH HughesNet and ViaSat since we offer both products and there will be a mix so if its been a while and you need a refresher then you would need to get that refresher before we can issue you any work.

6- A Certificate Of General Liability insurance is required ONCE we both agree its a good fit and we start the onboarding process (A Policy usually costs around $500 a year and I have a good agent that I can direct you to if need be)

Due to the overwhelming responses I would like interested and experienced techs to 1st send an email to with the following info:

1- Your Name & Company Name if you have one.

2- Contact numbers we can reach you back at.

3- Your preferred email address to be contacted back at.

4- Yes or No to if your ALREADY certified in ViaSat & Hughes.

5- To be able to gauge the estimated workload in your area I'll need to know what I refer to as MANAGEMENT AREAs you cover and on what days of the week you can cover them.

I created a custom Coverage Area Map that is divided up by over 1000 MANAGEMENT AREA’s and is also searchable & interactive and is what you can use to determine what MANAGEMENT AREA you live in so you can accurately answer question #5.

Use the link below to access this Map

The password to enter the site is:
John33 (the letter J is CAPITAL)

For instance, you may live in zip code 32065 for example so if you use the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon (top left of the Map) and type in 32065 and hit enter it will tell you what area its named, which 32065 zip code falls under FL11.

Some of the areas Im advertising in MAY only have enough work for a few days a week HOWEVER this may work out well for all parties involved since I can schedule the jobs for SPECIFIC days of the week that would coincide with the schedule you tell me your available on.

We welcome Techs that want to CONTINUE to work with other companies as long as the days of the week we agree to schedule my jobs have PRIORITY for that day!

Heavier workloads can be achieved by agreeing to cover a larger area which this too works out well since I can schedule for instance jobs NORTH of where you live for specific days and jobs SOUTH of where you live for another day of your choosing.

An example might be something like this for someone living in that 32065 zip code I mentioned above.
GA40 -Mondays
FL10- Mondays
FL11- Tuesdays
FL45- Tuesdays
FL21- Wednesdays
FL24- Wednesdays

Adjustments to how many days your needed can be made once we see what kind of a workload your getting so maybe the above mentioned layout gets REDUCED to:

GA40 -Mondays
FL10- Mondays
FL11- Mondays
FL45- Tuesdays
FL21- Tuesdays
FL24- Tuesdays

Alternatively we may need to INCREASE your availability or REMOVE areas that are the furthest away for you to lighten your workload.

****Its NEARLY impossible for me to EXCLUDE only a PART of a MANAGEMENT AREA, and is most cases an ALL OR NOTHING situation unless I have another Tech that is close by and you guys each cover a portion of the area but again this is difficult for both parties to accomplish but is possible*******

Certification in ViaSat and HughesNet is required. If your ViaSat certified and NOT Hughes certified then you DO NOT need to do a HANDS ON training for Hughes so if your NOT ViaSat certified then complete ViaSat certification process first then if Hughes gets proof of your ViaSat certification you can avoid the hands on training for Hughes and just complete the online training.

To become ViaSat certified go to:
ViaSat/Programs/Standard/Control/elmLearner.wml?PortalID=FOPS and register as a first time user and where it asks for (*Partner/Dealer Number) enter a generic company ID which is ViasatRetail

To become HughesNet certified go to:

I pay biweekly through direct deposit so your first check for example if you worked December 2nd-14th your check would hit your account on December 20th.

We are THE #1 SELF INSTALLING DEALER in the Nation and are in need of technicians in the areas we have expanded into!!!

Thank you for your interest and look forward to providing you with the details necessary so we both can move to the next step!

John Mashtare
President M Installations Inc


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