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Broadband Specialist 5, Headend (13755) Andalusia

Full-time Employee


213 Dunson St. Andalusia, AL. 36420


213 Dunson St. Andalusia, AL. 36420


8 years Cable Television or Telecommunications Technical Experience with at least 3 years as an Advance Technician or equivalent. High school diploma or GED required. Trade school training preferred. Ability to interpret and correctly fill out various work order forms provided by the Company. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers; ability to communicate verbally. Good written and oral communication skills. Valid driver’s license; satisfactory driving record required.

Other Requirements

Mediacom provides vehicle, ladders, tools, equipment, supplies, phone and tablet, Uniforms and boots.

Job Description

Primarily responsible for maintenance, repair, additions, alterations and general upkeep of primary headends, secondary headends, hub sights and relay sights, antennas, towers, earth stations. Reception, processing, combining and transmission of standard analog and digital CATV services, high speed and telephony duties as directed by Supervisor.

Link to job posting: Requisition?org=MEDIACOMCC&cws=46&rid=13755

• Performs all job responsibilities and duties of a Broadband Specialist I-V.
• Performs regular maintenance, repair, testing alignment, alterations and adjustment on all headend equipment including, but not limited to, processors, modulators, demodulators, encoders, decoders, satellite receivers, all types of switchers, fiber optic transmitters, fiber optic receivers, other fiber optic equipment, digital headend equipment, telephony equipment generators, air conditioning, power conditioning and other headend and plant equipment.
• Ability to perform regular proof of performance and other headend and plant testing, documentation and reporting in accordance with FCC rules.
• Performs headend alterations including design changes, service additions, service changes, channel rearrangements, equipment improvements and changes including air conditioning, power conditioning, standby generators, towers, antennas and satellite RX/TX stations.
• Maintains through and current proficiency of FCC performance specifications, and can, without supervision, initiate and complete comprehensive testing including (but not limited to) all FCC required or recommended tests and measurements. Insures that the headend and all related equipment is properly maintained within these specifications at all times.
• Performs training of personnel as directed by supervisor.
• Properly protects and defends equipment, property and material against loss, theft or damage. Maintains all equipment assigned in proper working order including regular calibration, repair, adjustment and alignment.
• Maintains security, including security and alarm systems, of facilities in accordance with policy.


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