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Join the largest most reliable grp for the strike.

Independent Contractor





Must be qualified to install and repair Copper Pair / Co Techs / Air pressure/ Circuit / Management needed

Other Requirements

Truck and Tools provided along with Fuel card and safety gear. Just bring your steel toe boots.

Job Description

Bucket Trucks, Vans, Meters, Gas Card supplied..

Join the largest and most reliable group going to the strike, don't buy the hype of ( Confirmed strike ) its not confirmed, its a possibility and I don't want to Lie to you upfront and confirm something thats not confirmed.. The truth is its a 50% 50% shot of happening.. I believe in being honest with you and not selling you a bill of goods that is not true.. Not a good way to start a work relation ship..

As most of you know mid October is when things may kick off , Please reach out to me to get your name on the list so were ready when it hits.

When you reply to this add to get on the list please list the following info ( also we dont have the time to call each one of you as we would be on the phone 24 hrs a day.. But once you submit your info you WILL be added to the list guaranteed.. Please provide the following info so we can get you on the list and dont have to chase you for any more info until the strike happens.

Full Name
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Last 4 of Social
Skill sets that apply to this strike ( and others for future reference )

If you already have your name on the list with Unified Communications you can ignore this as I will reach out to you again when this hits.



x x x x Canceled/Expired Listing x x x x

listed • expires
job listing #85580 • tiny link