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We Need Fiber Splicers in PA, Over 6,000 Splices

Independent Contractor

New York



As soon as we can get you on-boarded and inspect your tools and trucks or vans to make sure that you have everything necessary to do the job properly.


We pay very competitive rates and Net 12, then weekly Direct Deposit after that.


We are looking for experienced, Driven Splicers that have experience doing large projects and doing it right the first time, every time. Must have own Truck and Trailer or Van, As well as Splicer, Traffic Identifier, OTDR and all hand tools.

Job Description

Find the Job Description in the About us Slot, There was not enough space in that slot, So we swapped Info.

AllWire Construction Solutions provides telecommunication Cell Tower, Small Cell and Fiber and Cable construction and engineering services throughout the United States. AllWire Construction Solutions is well positioned to support the rapidly growing telecommunications industry, playing an integral role in the marketplace. We provide a wide variety of services to the telecommunications industry, including Design, Project Management, Fiber Optic Placement, Splicing and Testing, Make-Ready, Aerial and Underground Construction, Fiber and Coax Splicing, Pim Testing, Site Master Sweep and Node Certification, Emergency Response (24/7). Providing these services requires the highest level of industry knowledge and skill sets. We have demonstrated an ability to keep costs low for our clients through efficiently managing information and maintaining a productive work force. Our staff continues to develop construction services that demand state-of-the-art applications. It’s these applications and the innovative design of specialized tools and equipment that have made AllWire Construction Solutions unique in the industry. Allwire Construction Solutions is a proud member of NATE and is proud to have all of our Cell crews trained, tested and certified by Safety LMS. We are also proud to stand by, support and partner with Warriors 4 Wireless. Join a winning team today and find stability, Respect and consistency that is rare in this industry today. .


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