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Broadband Specialist III, Construction (13479)

Full-time Employee


25508 Cabinet Shop Rd, Loxley, AL 36551


$12.00 to $16.00 an hour


1 year experience in the Construction environment or equivalent experience. General knowledge of telecommunications construction methods and practices. Ability to read HFC outside plant system design maps. Ability organize and manage multiple tasks and projects. Familiarity with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and Access. Comfortable working in a collaborative environment.

Job Description


Prepare approved projects for construction, organize work, provide project cost estimates, and communicate work to construction contractors. Monitor project progress, collect weekly production reports. Perform QC check on completed work.


Prepare work maps for issuance to contractors.
Interface with local permitting authorities to ensure work starts on schedule.
Prepare warehouse Material Request Forms for each project.
Provide construction estimates for Commercial and Residential projects as assigned.
Meet with customers onsite to agree on construction path & entry point.
Performs quality control inspections, and construction on a regular basis to assure quality and recommend additional training as needed.
Receive completed work in the purchasing system.
Climb poles with proper equipment (safety belt, safety strap and climbers), ladders or other structures as needed. Lifts and carries loads up to 70lbs (including line ladder); Works within limited confines, such as crawl spaces.
Perform other duties as assigned.


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Since 1996, Mediacom has invested billions of dollars into a fiber-optic infrastructure to connect America's smaller cities and towns. And recently, Mediacom completed its 3 - year, $1 billion capital reinvestment project which now brings the communities we serve Gigabit internet speeds and community Wi-Fi, expands our footprint so that more small businesses can access broadband services, and built out our fiber-optic network providing companies fiber solutions to increase productivity and compete more efficiently. We are committed to bridging the digital divide between major cities and America's smaller regions by providing the best technology available.

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