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$500 Bonus 1099 Long Island - TOP PAY

Independent Contractor

New York

Long Island


Upon completing the background test - 2 weeks


$500 bonus. Avg ~1800 / week. Top contractors earn 2000+


Must be experienced CATV technician.

Other Requirements

Must have work vehicle, CATV installation tools and 28ft ladder.

Job Description

Residential installations in Long Island, NY.


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About Us

UtiliNex came into existence because there was a need for stellar installation services and we had the expertise and passion to fill that need. We began the business with very little money, a lot of passion and expertise, as well as a huge sense of value and an overarching business acumen. Utilinex is a young but driven service provider already making a long-lasting impact in the installation services industry. This is a workspace where everybody’s input and contributions are respected, and where we take it upon ourselves to continually train and retrain employees to be the industry’s best in what they do.

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