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Project Manager - Central and South Texas

Full-time Employee


Central and South Texas




Pay rate commensurate with experience, but generally above-market. Truck allowance and fuel are provided.


Minimum of 10 years' experience in all aspects of aerial and underground fiber/telecom construction.

Other Requirements

Reliable truck or van required, F250+ preferred.

Job Description

We are looking to add a project manager to our small, tight-knit company. We are looking for a long-term employee.

We need someone who can run underground and aerial jobs. The work includes long haul, laterals to towers and businesses, and tower site horizontal work.

The right person will have extensive experience with underground and aerial construction. They will be a problem-solver who is knowledgeable enough to make smart design-change calls in the field. Our engineering is often wrong, and expected existing plant is often wrong, so we need someone who is experienced in solving those problems. We need someone who can manage a book of work, including as many as 20 jobs/locations at a time.

The right person will be able to manage and schedule crews efficiently/effectively and will understand how to wisely match crews to work. We need someone who can be a strong negotiator with crews and maintain margins and control payouts.

Computer proficiency, including basic Excel, is required.

Strong communications skills, including the ability to work with our customers' project managers is essential. You must have extensive experience working with TxDOT and City personnel.

Experience working with ATC, SBA, and CC towers is helpful.

This is not a windshield job. The right person will be able to get down, and will not be above getting into manholes or spending most of their time outside their vehicle.

You will be required to enforce safety best-practices and must be able to identify and anticipate safety concerns.

You must be highly organized and meticulous. Notes and reports must be extensive.


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