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Directional Drill Crews Needed for OH & NC

Independent Contractor

North Carolina, Ohio

Northern North Carolina and Suburbs of Columbus OH.


Upon completion of required paperwork


$7.25 to $8.25 a foot. Work to be done in segments from 2000 to 18000 feet at a time. We have 64 miles in hand. Work is individually priced for boring, plow, placement of hand holes/vaults etc...


Must have dependable crew and drills. Quality workmanship a must along with adherence to safety standards. Work will be QC'd Must be able to read maps/schematics.

Other Requirements

All tools/trailers/machinery must be in good working condition and presentable in a public or suburban setting. Again...quality work is required. In doing so those crews adhering will get as much construction of these networks that they can handle. Safety compliance a must. Must be able to pull back 2 two inch conduits or 4 inch and a quarter conduits depending on job location.

Job Description

We have miles of work in hand. We are directional boring and placing vaults and handholes. All activity is individually priced. Depth is 36 inches of cover. We are scheduled out until next spring. One job is long haul and the other is ring work.


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