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Need techs for summer and college rush. Best price

Independent Contractor




All state




All state


After badge transfer or crimshield process. For Comcast after background


Spectrum RTP-79/RDP-68/RSP-50/RUP-58.........Comcast-best price in market. Weekly pay(Direct deposit )


Basic knowledge on cable tv or satellite install(spectrum,Comcast). Preferably experience tech, with or with out triple play certification. Tech has to have charisma and be respectful with customers. Bilingual if is possible. Not afraid to height. Basic Knowledge on penguin data.

Other Requirements

Need own vehicle, to comcast need white vehicle, own tools like ladder 28’ fiberglass ,meter,cable tv tools and safety equipment like hard hat,cones,harness etc...SAMSUNG GALAXY 8 or 9 for Spectrum, iPhone or IPad for Comcast. If needed some tools will be supplied and discounted.

Job Description

Tech have to be in the best deposition to work from 5 to 6 days weekly, needs good communication skills. We work directly with tech on a day to day basis. We are owners that work on the field like all techs we know how is the field and the customers.


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