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Fiber Over lash Project Joseph, Oregon

Independent Contractor


There will be three areas that we are overlashing fiber: Joseph, Enterprise, Wallowa, Oregon.




Please Contact for Details : By foot or hourly (negotiable)


Need to be able to follow safety regulations. Need to have experience as a lineman. Also needs experience with working with fiber. Would need to be able to operate bucket truck. Climbing poles is an added advantage. Speed is essential to complete the build. So experience is favored when bidding for this job.

Other Requirements

Safety gear, safety cones, safety vest and safety signs. Bucket trucks also need to be brought. Fiber reel holders. Lasher also need to be brought. Any other tools that you might anticipate for the build.

Job Description

There are existing cable lines in Enterprise, Joseph and Wallowa.

We will be utilizing the existing stand that is currently on the attachment.

We will begin deployment of over lashing fiber in Enterprise. We will

subsequently continue the build in Joseph and then Wallowa.

The total footage that need to be completed will be 183,069 feet.


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