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Need DirecTV sales reps, ASAP!

Independent Contractor

Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin

Looking for sales reps to sell DirecTV, AT&T wireless, ATT&T Cable, Century Link& Viasat.




Up to $225.00 for DirecTV low risk sales. Additional pay based on type of sale and how many sold in a month. We pay auto-deposit into your checking or savings account.


Great sales background. Experience with Dish, AT&T and DTV sales helpful not required. Looking for GO-GETTTERS WHO WANT TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY AND PROVIDE THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH GREAT SERVICE!

Job Description

Make great money and get paid for your hard work. Get commissions auto-deposited into your account. Make up to $225.00 per sale.

Looking for sales people who want to make six-figures immediately!!


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