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Field survey and walkout engineer

Independent Contractor


Nashville and surrounding areas




To be discussed in interview


CATV construction

Other Requirements

Good customer service and communication skills Dependable Vehicle Ability to be a “Self-Starter” and work alone Basic Computer Skills a must Experience with Microsoft Excel and Google Earth are very helpful Knowledge of CATV system design, construction practices and blueprint reading

Job Description

Site Surveys:
Travel to the customer location to perform on-site surveys for new and/or additional equipment placement for services.
Meet on-site with the customer or contact person to evaluate commercial establishments for service eligibility, and determine what will be required in order to provide service to their location.
Review the provided CATV system print and determine the best route to the building, or the demarcation location within a building, in order to adequately provide services.
Provide a brief narrative and diagram, utilizing Microsoft Excel and Google Earth, and submit the results electronically.

System Design Walkouts:
Travel to new extension sites, and utilizing the existing CATV system prints, determine the appropriate tie point, and provide field drawings of new routes, and pole attachment information, to allow the design of line extensions into new buildings or areas.
Provide “as-built mapping”, where necessary, to document any route changes or variances to the provided system prints.
Measure existing pole attachments using a fiberglass measuring stick, and provide all utility pole information that is required for a new attachment permit.
Measure span footages from pole to pole, existing pedestal to pedestal, or conduit stub-up locations, utilizing a range finder or measuring wheel.
Document existing equipment from designated tie points to the end of the existing CATV plant, whether aerial or underground, then provide drawings of the pole/conduit routes throughout the new areas to be served.


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