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Cable Professional Technicians Wanted-Permanent

Independent Contractor


Lubbuck Area, Midland Area


Techs may start as soon as the on-boarding process is complete or a transfer request is complete. The processing time will vary depending on the market chosen and the markets processing time.


Pay rates vary. Each market has their own pay scales and rates for techs. Please email me for specific details on the market and I assure you they are the most competitive rates in each market.


All techs must obtain and provide verification of GI insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and workers comp. Techs are required to have all necessary tools to complete assigned work. However, if a tech does not have all of the tools we can order them and payroll deduct as well as the vehicle.

Other Requirements

Techs are also required to have their own vehicle however, arrangements can be made through our company leasing program if needed. Please advise if a vehicle leasing option is needed upon reaching out.

Job Description

· Performs customer drop installations, reconnects, disconnects, additional outlets, and service upgrades/downgrades from the tap to the customer’s equipment in premises
· Survey the installation route and reviews proposed route with the customer in order to obtain agreement on the location of cable outlet(s)
· Review all requested services with the customer in order to ensure understanding and accuracy of the order
. Installation & certification of all customers premise video and data lines that entail climbing poles, ladders, crawl spaces, attics and other assigned heights
· Thorough knowledge of cable and internet products
· Provide customers with product and service information
· Work frequently includes excessive noise, fumes, dusts, gases and chemicals
· Requires lifting up to 70 lbs·
· Skilled in communicating with customers in a clear, customer-focused and understood manner.
· Ability to prioritize and organize work and materials effectively.
· Requires punctual, regular and consistent attendance.
· Customer service and technical skills orientation required.
· Ability to perform job from high places (on poles, roofs, towers)
· You must be able to pass a Drug Test
· You must pass all Background check requirements


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