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Subcontractors Needed

Independent Contractor

North Carolina, South Carolina

Work ranges between North and South Carolina


As soon as possible


MUST be able to read a print and install pipe/handholes according to print specifications. Must be DEPENDABLE!!!! Must NOT need a babysitter or to be constantly micromanaged!

Other Requirements

Must be able to provide own equipment in order to get jobs done to customer specifications. Must be able to haul materials to job sites if within reasonable distance. We can make alternate arrangements if jobs are further out.

Job Description

Most of our work right now is tower work for Verizon. We provide materials and prints for each site. We have deadlines that must be met for each site. We understand things happen that may offset deadlines such as weather fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, sickness, etc. but need notification of such prior to missing a deadline. We have had our fair share of dealing with unreliable subcontractors so we are looking for subs that are serious about doing their work in a way that reflects well upon them as well as us. We need crews that can start immediately.


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