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Small job- Mobile, AL- boring, pulling fiber,HH

Independent Contractor


Mobile, AL. 1-2 day job. Near airport.


ASAP. Need to call in locates. Materials ready.


Paying $4325. Pick up materials. Bore 130', pull back 2-2". Dig & tap into existing conduit. Pulling @ 700' of fiber. 375'of 96 Ct(300'of that slack loop),and 325' of 24Ct. Access existing box. Place 1 HH on other side of road. Easy setup and access


Knowledge and experience boring, pulling conduit, tapping into conduit, and pulling fiber. Must have all required equipment to do such. Must have insurances. If not, possibly can deduct $ from pay to cover.

Other Requirements

All items required to safely and correctly complete listed project.

Job Description

Small, boring job. Enter existing HH, bore @ 75' under road. Place new 36X48x42" HH with Ground rod. Bore 60' to existing conduit. Dig down to locate and tap into existing. Tap into existing conduit. Rod from inside of building to meet point in conduit. pull back 24Ct.from new HH to interior. 96 ct. between HH's. Slack loops and restoration of ground, accordingly.


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