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Missile Bore work and or directional Bore

Independent Contractor


North Colorado


Staring now, have plenty of work for 2 new fiber projects


Payment every week, $5.00 a foot (non negotiable)for contractors (directional or Missile) . $20.00 an hour for experienced workers on Missile bore trade. Please email questions at .


Must have experience at least 2 years for contractors, also looking for operators of Missile have 3 years experience and DL is a plus. Fallow all safety protocols. Good ethics of work is a must. Fire resistant clothes need it for some placement of vaults, near electric vaults.

Other Requirements

Contractors, have all equipment and trucks, need liability insurance. 2 Missile at site would be better to shoot 2 at the time most bores are 100 feet from ped to ped,

Job Description

More than 100 miles of bore need it, with 1.5 inch Conduit at 36 inch deep. All front easement. Work in 2 different locations in Colorado for 2 different projects. Projects should last 2-3 years. We only have one price for contractors, sorry no better price for directional drilling, but we do have miles of work. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions regarding the work thru email or message system.


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