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Cell Cite Installers in Colorado

Contract Employee


Denver and Colorado Springs


As soon as successful Drug Test and Background check is completed. All job offers with WiseConnect are contingent upon a successful background check and drug test


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Job Description

Wiseconnect is hiring Cell Site Installers in Denver and Colorado Springs


Responsible for assembling, connecting, and constructing pipe systems for Low voltage lines and fiber backhaul. Ensures ground is prepped and trenches dug out for pipes. Aligns pipes and seals joints together with cement or glue. Push pull fiber and or low voltage power lines (14AWG). Complete closeout packages. Team oriented and basic computer skills.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Configure pipe routes.
• Align pipes in pipeline sections.
• Dig trenches with trenching tools.
• Slide pipe into trenches.
• Read construction drawings.
• Inspect places where pipes are fitted together to ensure pipes are spaced out properly and according to specifications.
• Seal joints.
• Use glue or to ensure pipes are tightly fitted.
• Ensure pipes are fitted and aligned using grade rods or transit levels.
• Cover pipes with dirt or other material.
• Install metal tape and complete closeout packages.
• Login and out of customer and Tower company NOC’s.
• Maintain a inventory of materials on hand.
• Complete end of shift reports in a timely manner.
• Basic knowledge of cellular equipment.


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