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Fiber internet installers $2500 Weekly

Independent Contractor


Cranberry PA///Outside of Pittsburgh




$1800 to $2500 weekly / Piece rate $95 to $140 each Job/ Can work 6 days a week /A Plus there is a drop prep project you can assist with


• Problem solving and trouble shooting ability • Direct customer facing work/Accountability/dependability • Understanding & knowledge of FTTH service, splicing fiber, cable, steaming & phone services

Other Requirements

1. Work Truck with ladder rack 2. Phone 3. 24 Ft Ladder 4. All Safety Equipment, Tools of the trade 5. Insurances

Job Description

FTTH Tech positions should be filled by experienced service technicians that can perform installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of high-speed Internet, video and voice networks including associated wiring and equipment. Internet experience or broadband support needed. Every else is a plus.

Project: This is a conversion project. We will be converting copper plant customers to fiber. This includes setting up Nid, Splice, run line, equipment swap and setup. Cable and phone conversations are also included.

Note: We are also supporting a drop project that can be included in your route for extra or if you have a cancellation.


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About Us

Sheetz Communications is a prime contractor that has been active in information systems, service provider support, government contracting and military operational support for over 20 years. Sheetz Communications LLC is a Certified Veteran Owned business.

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