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Full-time Employee


North West Ohio and Columbus Ohio


Immediate Start: Pending Successful Completion of Background and Drug Testing


Must possess a valid driver's license.

Job Description

Job Title: Directional Drill Operator and Locator


Operate directional drilling equipment to install underground utilities, ensuring accuracy and precision.
Perform locating duties to identify existing underground utilities before drilling activities.
Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a secure work environment.


Proven experience as a Directional Drill Operator and Locator.
Familiarity with directional drilling equipment and techniques.
Ability to read and interpret plans, maps, and specifications.
Knowledge of utility locating methods and equipment.

Job Title: Telecom Lineman


Install and maintain telecommunication lines and equipment.
Troubleshoot and repair telecommunication systems.
Collaborate with team members to ensure efficient operations.


Previous experience as a Telecom Lineman.
Knowledge of telecommunications systems and equipment.
Strong problem-solving and communication skills.

Job Title: Power Lineman


Install, maintain, and repair power lines and associated equipment.
Perform inspections and troubleshoot electrical systems to identify and resolve issues.
Ensure compliance with safety regulations and guidelines.

Journeyman Lineman certification.
Experience in power line construction and maintenance.
Familiarity with electrical systems and safety protocols.

Job Title: Signal Technician


Install, maintain, and repair signaling systems.
Conduct inspections and diagnostics to identify signal issues.
Collaborate with engineering teams to implement upgrades and improvements.

Experience in signal system maintenance.
Familiarity with signaling equipment and technology.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Electrician


Install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in accordance with local codes and regulations.
Troubleshoot electrical issues and implement solutions.
Collaborate with other team members to ensure efficient operations.

Journeyman Electrician certification.
Experience in electrical work, including wiring and troubleshooting.
Knowledge of safety protocols and regulations.

Job Title: Auto Mechanic


Diagnose and repair automotive issues.
Perform routine maintenance on vehicles.
Keep accurate records of repairs and maintenance activities.

Proven experience as an Auto Mechanic.
Knowledge of automotive systems and diagnostic tools.
Strong problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Diesel Mechanic


Maintain and repair diesel engines and associated components.
Conduct routine inspections to identify potential issues.
Collaborate with the maintenance team to ensure optimal equipment performance.

Diesel Mechanic certification or equivalent.
Experience in diesel engine maintenance and repair.
Familiarity with diagnostic tools and equipment.

Job Title: Hydraulic Technician


Install, maintain, and repair hydraulic systems.
Troubleshoot hydraulic issues and perform necessary repairs.
Collaborate with other technicians to ensure seamless operations.

Previous experience as a Hydraulic Technician.
Knowledge of hydraulic systems and components.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Body Repair, Painting, and Fabrication


Repair and restore vehicle bodies and frames.
Perform painting and refinishing tasks.
Fabricate and weld components as needed.

Proven experience in body repair, painting, and fabrication.
Proficiency in welding and fabrication techniques.
Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Job Title: Truck Driver


Safely operate company vehicles to transport goods and materials.
Adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations.
Perform routine vehicle inspections and maintenance.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with a clean driving record.
Experience in truck driving and transportation.
Knowledge of road safety regulations.


Please call (419) 837-9753 and ask for Judy

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U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc., is a certified M/WBE business. U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc., celebrated 35 years of service in 2024. Established in February 1989 in Ohio, U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc. is currently a coast-to-coast service provider in Telecommunications, Project Management, Engineering and Electrical Construction.

U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc.’s foundation of the organization relies on the talent of a diversified management team with an average of 30 years in the industry. This is one of the main factors that allows U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc. to remain an industry leader in the United States.

U.S. Utility Contractor Co. Inc. concentrates on providing innovative solutions, designs and implementing a comprehensive and effective delivery of Telecommunications services while focusing not only on cost and time management but also through ensuring quality results.

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