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Pole Inspector - Tampa, Florida

Contractor: Corp-to-Corp


Job Description

Job Title: Pole Inspector

Job Description:

Position Overview: As a Pole Inspector, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and compliance of communication facilities and structures. This role involves performing detailed pole inspections, identifying potential issues, and taking corrective actions as necessary. The Pole Inspector will conduct visual inspections, utilize various inspection tools, and adhere to safety standards set forth by OSHA and Customer policy.



Detailed Pole Inspections:
Conduct careful visual inspections of communication facilities and structures using appropriate inspection tools, such as binoculars and measuring devices.
Perform visual inspections for NESC violations and vegetative remediation, including overgrowth foliage and tree trimming.
Conduct Resistograph inspections on all poles marked intrusive.
Fix minor infractions, including but not limited to pole tag kit adjustments, installation of guy guards, visibility strip placement (using hammer & nails), ground molding adjustments (using staples), and removal of unauthorized attachments.
Note: Minor work does not involve climbing.
Capture digital pictures that clearly show all hardware and infractions. Multiple pictures can be provided if necessary.
Verify and correct inaccurate GPS coordinates of poles.
Report new GPS coordinates to Customer specifications.
Record and enter inspection data into customer’s approved system, following Customer-provided instructions and guidelines.
Provide ad hoc reports on work scheduled and performed as required by the Customer Coordinator.

Intrusive Inspections:
Conduct intrusive pole inspections involving a thorough visual examination for cracks, fungus, or conditions that may necessitate pole replacement.
Perform sound and prod tests to identify any doubtful conditions.
Intrusive boring of the pole at ground level to validate its integrity.
Supply and maintain personal equipment and tools required to perform inspections.

General Requirements:

Minimum of 2 years’ experience performing pole inspecting tasks
Adherence to safety standards, including the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety goggles/glasses, leather gloves, and steel-toe boots.
Sufficient strength to handle tools and equipment, such as resistograph devices and inspection tools, as well as to perform minor repairs or adjustments.
Ability to move freely and comfortably in various outdoor environments, including uneven terrain and potentially adverse weather conditions.
Good vision to conduct detailed visual inspections and identify potential issues on utility poles.

This position demands meticulous attention to detail, commitment to safety, and the ability to work independently. The successful Pole Inspector will contribute to maintaining the reliability and safety of our communication infrastructure.


Amy Walsh

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