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Circuit Migration Planner (Central Office)

Independent Contractor





SONET Transport – Alcatel Lucent FT2000, DDM, , Cisco 15454, Fujitsu 4, Flash-192, FW 4010, Nortel S/DMS OC48, OC192, OPTera Metro 3/3500, NEC 600

Job Description

We are looking for a Circuit Migration Planner with central office experience who has a strong operational knowledge of telecom transport equipment and experience in planning transport circuit migrations.

-Planning and design of circuit transfers on telecom transport equipment.
-Collects detailed equipment and circuit information from the customer inventory systems, logical configurations from the equipment, and -physical information from onsite during the planning phase.
-Develop an approach and overview of the cutout, network topology drawings, a Method of Procedure detailing the technical procedures for the cutout, and circuit migration cutsheets. The technical procedure lists the individual cutout steps and contingency procedures. The cut sheets include detailed circuit paths, equipment configurations, cross-connections and provisioning, and physical pre- and post-cut physical wiring.
-Exercise administrative responsibilities that include utilizing customer internal systems, tools, and processes to initiate tasks related to the migration activities, and ensure engineering continuity, and project timelines.
-Establish and maintain a good relationship between themselves and all customers they serve.

-Strong operational knowledge of telecom transport equipment, Central Office practices, network/circuit engineering, circuit provisioning, TL1, scripts, and circuit troubleshooting.
-Experience planning Transport circuit migrations.
-Proficient working experience with Excel formulas and macros.
-Familiar with equipment and circuit Inventory systems.
-Understand circuit layouts, ability to extract data, and update existing circuit designs.
-Resourcefulness and ability to utilize a wide variety of homegrown customer systems to research and identify circuit information, missing from Records.
-Create VISIO network topology drawings.
-Transport Equipment GUI Provisioning Experience.
-Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
-Integrate with customer internal workflow processes.
-Excellent customer service soft skills.
-Good verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
-Ability to self-learn and gain competency on a wide range of Transport products and platforms.

Technologies / Equipments:
SONET Transport – Alcatel Lucent FT2000, DDM, , Cisco 15454, Fujitsu 4, Flash-192, FW 4010, Nortel S/DMS OC48, OC192, OPTera Metro 3/3500, NEC 600



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