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Great Work, Great $, Any vehicle, No ladder.

Independent Contractor




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This industry has always provided a make what you want mentality, this is no different. $2,000 to $4,000 weekly is the range expected. the more you do the more you make. Keep in mind, as a company we have a minimum workload requirement.


Ability to work independently, follow rules and direction provided by the company, desire to learn, Pride in what you do, motivated and lastly stay organized. Perfect for retired or out of work linemen, construction and service techs.

Other Requirements

This is not a typical Cable position. This is on the engineering side of things. minimal required tools. we are developing a team of folks who work on the information side of the cable industry. For example, audit, assessment and survey. Training will be provided but you must have CATV experience at some level.

Job Description

Although there will be different option in the near future, currently we are focused on mapping / walk out. this will require fielders to use a provided map, start at the Node location and record required information. equipment passive and active, needed repairs with MR codes, street names and so forth.

We will be adding, Audit, Damage assessment, multiple versions of survey/walkout mapping and so on.

Everything required will be trained.


Ohio - Rhonda 973-308-0676

Florida and all other areas - Joe 727-598-2277
Tim 727-598-2239

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About Us

We have been in business for 8 years but have been in the industry for 31 years. We are building a team of folks willing to learn and wanting to be a part of a company focused on building a solid team within the engineering groups of CATV. We are also getting involved in multiple utility fielding opportunities.

Office location: Port Richey, Florida 34668

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