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Fiber Manager/Lead Tech

Independent Contractor






Fixed salary to be discussed.

Job Description

Job Summary:
As a Fiber Optic Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of fiber optic infrastructure installation, maintenance, and management within the organization. This role involves coordinating a team of technicians, ensuring the efficient deployment of fiber optic networks, and maintaining high-quality service to meet the communication and connectivity needs of the organization. The Fiber Optic Manager plays a crucial role in driving the organization's digital transformation by optimizing network performance and reliability.

Key Responsibilities:

Network Planning and Design:

Collaborate with network architects and engineers to plan and design fiber optic networks that meet the organization's current and future requirements.
Ensure network design adheres to industry best practices and standards, optimizing performance and reliability.
Installation and Maintenance:

Supervise the installation, termination, and splicing of fiber optic cables.
Develop maintenance schedules and ensure timely repairs and upgrades to prevent network downtime.
Conduct regular inspections to identify and address potential issues or performance degradation.
Team Management:

Lead and manage a team of fiber optic technicians, providing guidance, training, and performance evaluations.
Coordinate work assignments, scheduling, and resources to ensure efficient network deployment and maintenance.
Quality Assurance:

Implement quality control measures to ensure high-performance fiber optic connections.
Monitor and enforce adherence to safety and industry standards during all installation and maintenance activities.
Inventory Management:

Maintain accurate records of fiber optic materials, tools, and equipment.
Manage inventory levels to ensure that necessary supplies are always available for network projects.
Vendor and Contractor Relations:

Collaborate with external vendors, contractors, and service providers for procurement, installation, and maintenance of fiber optic equipment and materials.
Negotiate contracts and agreements to optimize service and cost-efficiency.
Troubleshooting and Technical Support:

Oversee troubleshooting and resolution of network issues, working closely with technical teams to address problems quickly and efficiently.
Provide technical guidance and support to resolve complex network problems.
Budget Management:

Develop and manage the fiber optic department's budget, ensuring cost-effective practices and resource allocation.

Generate regular reports on network performance, maintenance activities, and any necessary upgrades or improvements.
Present these reports to upper management for decision-making and strategic planning.
Qualifications and Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in telecommunications, electrical engineering, or a related field (or equivalent work experience).
Proven experience in managing fiber optic networks, with a strong technical background.
Knowledge of fiber optic technology, equipment, and installation techniques.
Strong leadership and team management skills.
Excellent communication and problem-solving abilities.
Familiarity with industry standards, safety regulations, and best practices.
Project management skills for coordinating network installations and upgrades.
Proficiency in network monitoring and diagnostic tools.
Budgeting and financial management skills.
Vendor and contractor management experience is a plus.
The Fiber Optic Manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization's network infrastructure remains robust, reliable, and ready to meet the growing demands of a connected world. This position requires a mix of technical expertise, management skills, and a commitment to maintaining high-quality network services.


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