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Independent Contractor


Saint Louis


Right Away


Highest Rates


Experienced Cable Technicians or entry level

Other Requirements

Must be able to pass the Background check and Drug test. Must have a valid Driver License and Social Security Card. Own Vehicle (pick up truck or minivan, SUV)

Job Description

Provide customer service and support during field visits and tie workflow to schedules to ensure maximum efficiency.
Manage all on-site installation, maintenance, repairs and testing tasks to ensure proper documentation of all related processes.
Diagnose errors and technical problems and determine proper solutions to produce timely and detailed service reports.
Collaborate with the technical team and share information across the organization to build positive relationships with clients and coworkers.
Satisfy customer needs by making appropriate recommendations and briefings using appropriate field automation systems, procedures, and protocols.
Establish assistance by studying system requirements, including ordering and gathering essential components and parts, completing the installation, and performing quality assurance tests.
Maintain customer satisfaction by using creativity and ingenuity to investigate complaints, identify resolutions, suggest enhanced operating techniques, and recommend system improvements.
Service existing accounts by analyzing work orders, planning a daily travel schedule, reviewing concerns, conducting tests, and resolving problems.


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