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Full-time Employee



August 2023


23.00 Hr

Job Description

• Replace All Amplifier Modules and Remove and Replace All Line Extenders and EOL Equalizers in the Node
• Record Passive Information, Set Forward and Return Levels According to Specs Provider
• Average 65 Pieces Per Node, Been Completing Nodes in 3 Days
• Work Performed During Daylight Hours or Night Hours
• ONX 630 Meter Required
• 1 year of cable splicing experience.
• Able to read CATV prints, splice actives (Nodes, Amplifiers, and Line Extenders), splice passives (splitters, taps, and LEQ’s), able to balance actives, and verify EOL’s.
• Must have a valid driver’s license and meet insurance requirements.
• Must have hand tools and have the following coring tools 500 / 540 QR / 625 / 700 / 750 / 860 QR / 875.
• Will need to have an ONX 630 meter with capabilities to perform 85MHZ and 204 MHZ return activation and perform forward scans for proper setup of systems.
• TDR recommended but If you do not have one, it can be provided.
• Knowledge of performing TDR on bad cable spans is recommended.
• Sweep experience preferred.


Noshella Thomas

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