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Central Office Technicians

Full-time Employee


Southern and Northern California




$23/h - $28/h


Must meet safety related requirements imposed by OSHA, state agencies, manufacturers and the company. Must pass background check. Must be able to perform physical requirements of the job. (For example: perceiving differences in wire cable colors, moving and or lifting items, climbing ladders, working in confined spaces)

Other Requirements

Digital fundamentals and electricity theory, equivalent trade experience or certificate ( A+, Networking +, or CCNA). Experience in advanced software based digital switch programming and diagnostics. Basic knowledge of AC/DC voltage.

Job Description

Operating and maintaining all types, including legacy systems as well as next generation technologies, of
local and toll switching equipment, data network equipment, computer processing equipment and associated
peripherals. Assisting with or performing system and equipment installations, acceptance testing and
initialization. This equipment could consist of but not limited to the following:
- 5ESS
- DMS 10/100
Performing and verifying generic upgrades, system reconfigurations, F.C.O.'s hardware changes and system
Performing coordination and testing functions associated with the services provisioning activities.
Gathering information required for projects or task. Researching relevant sources to ensure that information is
current and relevant. Carefully reading forms, diagrams and other documents to install or maintain services.
Wiring on toll and cosmic frames related to OE/LEN, xDSL ports, and cable pair.
Wiring on DSX-1 and DSX-3 panels related to Hi-Caps.
Performing daily backups and routine monitoring of switches, transport equipment, and data networks.
Ability to use and interpret results of testing equipment from various manufacturers and models
Analyzing, and reviewing system alarms, logs, trouble reports, traffic measurement reports, etc. Corrective
action taken as needed.
Performing tests, analyzing data and interpreting manuals and wiring diagrams to locate and clear trouble
conditions in transport equipment, data networks and associated peripherals. This equipment could consist of
but not limited to the following:
- Multiplexers
- Pair Gains / DSLAMs
Adtran TA 3000/5000
Alcatel / Nokia
- Digital Cross-connects
Titan 5
Maintaining accurate and complete records. Preparing and updating logs, records and files regularly.
Working with field technicians that utilize complex testing devices such as protocol analyzers, transmission
measuring sets, etc., while trouble shooting and installing services.
Analyzing and verifying switching or operational support systems software including translations.
Accessing and operating of operational support system software and hardware including systems used for
specific customer contracts, such as federal contracts.
Works inside an open office environment at a computer terminal for extended periods of time, and
modifies/analyzes some software programs. May be required to travel and work in various buildings.
May be required to perform LAN/WAN administration.
Actively participates in maintenance of inventory and update systems when applicable.
Contacting customers, external and/or internal may be required.
May be required to perform additional duties and tasks as required by the Company.
Perform the operation of and basic maintenance of portable and stationary back up power generators (ie
check oil, start battery and antifreeze fluid levels)
Perform basic troubleshooting of central office power rectifiers/converters and power plant maintenance as
well as perform alarm diagnosis
Perform basic troubleshooting of central office timing equipment (ie, BITS Clock)


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