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On-Site FiOS Surveyors (High Level Fiber Surveys)

Independent Contractor

New York

Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens




Pay is per building, Rate depends on building size: 1-39 units, 40-99 units, 100+ units


Knowledge of Microsoft Visio, Experience with fiber design and MDU fiber installation, drafting experience. Spelling is important as is attention to detail and accuracy.

Other Requirements

You will need to go to the building to gather the information to draft the survey, so a vehicle is required. You must be able to make appointments to access the building so timeliness in your arrival is mandatory. It's preferred you have your own vehicle or other mode of transportation. You also need a phone with a decent camera or a digital camera to take photos at the survey site appointment. You also need your own laptop or PC w/ Microsoft Visio & Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscription

Job Description

We're opening up an opportunity for a self starter who can really hit the ground running and has a high aptitude for learning in ever changing environments. The right person for the job will be comfortable with the West 36th Street (Primarily Commercial District), entering buildings and meeting with supers, identifying information in the list below, and taking measurements.

General Building Information (Complete Site Survey Form)

o Address

o Contact Info

o MDU Owner Name, Address, Number

o MDU Management Name, Address, Number

o MDU Site Contact Name, Address, Number

o Ownership Structure (Individual, Coop, Rent, Lease, etc….)

o Association Meeting Dates

o Building Style (High, Mid, Garden, Town)

o Total # of Units

o Total # of Floors
Building Construction Information
o Interior Building Material (Plaster, Sheetrock, Stucco, Concrete, etc….)

o Exterior Building Material (Plaster, Sheetrock, Stucco, Concrete, etc….)

o Any Known Asbestos Hazard?
Existing Path Information
o Existing Telephone Path In MDU

o Vertical - Horizontal

o Existing CATV Path In MDU

o Can Existing Telephone Path to MDU be Re-used?

o Can Existing Telephone Path to LU be Re-used?
Recommended Path Information
o Recommended Pathway for Riser with footages.

o Recommended Riser Conduit, Molding or Micro Duct Type & Size

o Recommended Riser Core Bore Size

o Recommended Pathway to LU (With footages and detailed drawings from bldg. penetration point to proposed ONT location. Hallway Ceiling Height and width.. Footage from FDT’s to living units.

o Recommended Molding System (With type and size of molding or conduit)
Recommended Equipment Locations
o Recommended Location for FDH (Photo of proposed location and size of backboard and Fiber Stub length.)

o Recommended Location for FDT(s) (Photo of proposed location and size of backboard. If existing backboard is in place, is there enough room for FDT or FDH? What size is existing backboard? Number of FDT’s, Sizes, Pre-Stubbed lengths back to proposed FDH location)
Living Unit Information
o Recommended Location for ONT ( with location of fiber storage box and size of proposed backboard. Provide Living Unit numbering scheme.)

o Footage from Proposed ONT Location to Nearest Electrical Outlet (Denote location and distance from ONT location to closest electrical, phone and CATV outlet. Living Unit Ceiling Height.)
Grounding Information
o Existing Ground in LU? (Use existing AC/ light switch for ground plus distance to ONT location.)

o Existing Ground at Proposed FDT Location? (Denote grounding location and distance.)

o Existing Ground at Proposed FDH Location? (Denote grounding location and distance.)

o Existing Ground at Riser Closet? (Denote grounding location and distance.)

o For Non-Existing Grounds. Denote proposed grounding location and distance for the above (LU, FDT Location, FDH Location, Riser Closet).
Digital Pictures
o Picture of MDU (Manhole, pole, proposed fiber feed and penetration to building, utility room, trash room, hallways, proposed riser locations, attic, existing phone punch-down block, FDT location, ONT location, existing and proposed ceiling access panels.

o Proposed FDH Location

o Proposed FDT Location

o Each Digital photo must be “Named”. Example: Building Address, Floor Number, Location photo taken on each floor, etc.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $500.00 - $1,000.00 per week


construction, layout: 1 year (Preferred)
construction: 1 year (Preferred)
autocad: 1 year (Preferred)
surveying: 1 year (Preferred)
survey: 1 year (Preferred)

Flexible schedule

Monday to Friday
Day shift
On call
Work Remotely:


Erin Parker, CFO
Operations, Contracts & Plan Development
Villa Drafting Services, LLC (VDS)
Villa Integrated Communication Solutions, LLC (VCS)
O: 212-920-1192

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