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North TX High Split Project

Independent Contractor


Fort Worth & Metro Areas


Once background & all screenings are complete and or badge transfer.


Rates Upon Request


1-2 Years of Cable experience, Understanding of TQA best methods & practices, Ladder safety, Knowledge of using a cable meter & reading cable data when looking at your meter (we up train to ensure all techs are on the same page skill wise) - Must not be afraid to learn fiber we will teach you.

Other Requirements

Must have truck and or van capable of carrying extension ladder, Must be able to show up with a positive attitude, Customer satisfaction skills are a must.

Job Description

On going Mod Swap project in Dallas, Fort Worth TX this is for high split

Primary requirements, replace the mod, change out the power pack on LE's and re balance. Minimal splicing required, approximately 13% of the job will require splicing new actives. Top pay for experienced splicers. This is day work and night work depending on the node location. This work includes front and rear easement so a ladder may be needed.


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